There are some important areas in a Christian relationship which should be focused on in order to keep things fresh and exciting. Sex should definitely be an area that Christian couples should continually focus on and work towards keeping things exciting and new. Here are some great Christian sex ideas which you can use to spice up intimacy within your relationship:

1. Sex toys or intimacy aids!

A great way to automatically change things up or add another level of intimacy to your relationship, is by bringing in a Christian sex toy or intimacy aid. This does not have to be anything elaborate or complicated. For instance erotic massage oils can be a simple way to add variety to your intimacy.

2. Positions for sex!

An even easier way to increase variety in your sex life, is simply by learning and engaging in new intimate positions. This can be done on the spot, though you should research the Christian safe positions, and then learn the new positions so you can implement them safely and enjoyably.

3. A Sex Manual!

Probably the best way to add variety and increase your level of intimacy within your relationship, is by getting a Christian sex manual which will show dozens of different techniques, tips and tricks to apply specifically to sex within a Christian relationship. This can make a huge difference in increasing your frequency and enjoyment of sex.

This is a great tool as it will serve as a constant source for applying variety towards your intimacy. It will also outline all the accepted positions and practices within Christian intimate practice.

Here’s an excellent manual: