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Christian Sex Pleasures

Christian Sex Pleasures
By Chess McDoogle

Here are various Christian sex pleasures you can, and should, implement into your sex life:

  • New Positions. Try varying up your positions to really improve Christian sex pleasures. Too often we get used to performing positions we are used to, rather than trying out new and exciting positions.
  • Sex Toys. These are allowable for Christian sex pleasures as long as you utilize safe and sensible sex toys. Start out with erotic oils and lotions. These are easy to start with and from there you can get into edibles and more.
  • Pleasuring Technique. There are many, many ways to please your partner before actual sex even occurs. Learn new pleasuring techniques which will in turn make your intimacy exciting and fun.
  • Surprise and Spontaneity. Surprise is an element of sexuality not used often enough. Being spontaneous and surprising is an incredible turn on and very easy to implement.
  • Change Location. This is an excellent tool for variety. Change your location of intimacy. This can be as easy as having sex on the kitchen table or else going to a far away romantic hotel or spa for the weekend. You can utilize change of location as an element of surprise and spontaneity as well.
  • Romance. Don’t forget being romantic. Moods can completely change dramatically with the lights dimmed and a few candles lit. Very easy to implement and highly, highly effective.
  • Christian Intimacy Guide or Manual. You can find these online and they provide several new and exciting ways to increase sexual pleasure while doing it in a Christian safe manner.

Here is an excellent Christian intimacy guide you can check out online –

It reveals several ways to increase sexual excitement with your Christian partner. Check it out at

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Christian Marriage – How Important Is Sex?2014.08.05. // Uncategorized

A Christian marriage can at times feel overwhelming in regards to following certain rules or protocol which stays in tune with the values, teachings, and beliefs of Christianity. Sexuality can be one of the most confusing aspects of a Christian marriage for many couples.

Usually the main culprit is over thinking the issue. If we break it down to simple terms that make sense in a Christianity based manner, then we can see how important sexuality is within marriage.

Sex Perspective. First let’s put sexuality in the proper light. Sex is the ultimate celebration in physical terms of the union between a couple. Too often intimacy gets linked in with being a “pleasure only” act. This makes it sound as if it is in line with going out and having desert. Or going to the amusement park for a rollercoaster ride. Sex is so much more. It is a very important and serious act of joy. It is a physical union of bodies and souls with very deep meaning. It is a celebration between you, your partner and this great gift God has created.

The Importance of Sex. Now that we have defined intimacy as an act of celebration and an appreciation of God’s gifts, we can see that we are dealing with a pretty important aspect within a Christian marriage! Intimacy should not be suppressed or be feared. It should be practiced and seen as a wonderful aspect, celebrating the amazing union between you and your spouse.
The Frequency of Sex for Christians. So, should intimacy be practiced on a daily basis or as frequently as possible? Or should sex be limited to only one special time a month or every few months? The answer to how frequent you should enjoy intimacy is a personal manner based on you and your partners desires and comfort level. But, sex should neither be “limited” nor should it be “forced”. That is to say you shouldn’t hold back your joys and needs for celebration to only once in a blue moon. It should be as frequent as the both of you are comfortable with. On the other hand, it should not be forced into, for example, an everyday activity where you feel you need to be intimate on a daily basis. Or you just want a “quick release” without much thought to the gift of greatness which intimate sex is.

So it shouldn’t be treated in a completely casual manner, but should not be limited to an ultra special “once in a blue moon” affair. It should be as frequent as is comfortable for each Christian married couple. Perhaps that is multiple times a week, or perhaps that may be a few times a month or less. A happy medium between each person should be met.

To ensure you are having the BEST sex possible within your Christian marriage, it is very important to learn the best tips and techniques for pleasing one another and celebrating the great gift of sex. This is an excellent resource to ensure your lovemaking and intimate moments are fulfilled to the highest degree possible. Give it a look and learn some new information on Christian safe sex tips –

Christian Couples – Are You Having Amazing Sex?2014.08.05. // Uncategorized

If you had to think for a moment while reading the title of this article “Christian Couples – Are You Having Amazing Sex”, then your intimacy may be in need of a minor, or perhaps major, boost. Truth is, many couples could use a turbo charge in their intimacy. We all can get busy and caught up in life’s ups and downs, that paying the critical attention to intimacy can easily get lost.

For Christian couples, it is extremely important that your sex life be top notch. This means not only having sex as frequently as is comfortable, but having that sex be incredible and pleasurable every time. Sex is an amazing gift from God, and Christians should fully appreciate this. Appreciation means practice! Learn new tips to better your intimacy. Learing these intimacy skills will please your spouse. Your goal is to strive at becoming the best lover possible.

You should also receive the sexual pleasures you deserve, and be able to communicate your desires to your spouse. Communication is huge for a successfully pleasurable sex life. It also is key to eliminating any fears or worries you have regarding sex.

Once you get your desires out in the open, and squash any fears you have, then you will have paved the way for the fullest appreciation of Gods wonderful gift.

Have sex often! Well, as often as each of you are comfortable with. For some couples this means every night. For others it’s once every one or two weeks. For the man it may be more, or vice versa, but this is where agreement and compromise through communication comes in. Find that middle ground where sensuality and pleasurable sex can be practiced as often as possible.

Sex and Christian Fulfillment2014.08.05. // Uncategorized

Christian sex fulfillment must be met in the following 3 ways:

“Realizing Christian sex is a powerfully important element to your relationship.”

This is extremely important and an overlooked ideal in many Christian marriages unfortunately. Viewing sex as an incredible gift from God, that should be practiced and celebrated regularly is the healthy, Christian view to adapt and uphold.

Once you realize this, then you can move on towards the celebration of sex, rather than the suppression of sex in general.

“Understanding that it takes both couples to accept, learn, and truly celebrate Christian sex.”

If one of you has issues sexually, it’s important for both of you to work through it. Only together can a couple accomplish a successful celebration of sexual intimacy.

Issues sexually can include things like nervousness, embarrassment, discomfort, lack of experience, and premature ejaculation. These are all things that can easily be worked out. A good Christian intimacy manual will address numerous issues of the like, while providing solutions to move past them.

“Celebrating means exploring, and exploring means learning the variety of accepted practice.”

Together you can have a very intimate, romantic, and erotic Christian relationship by learning the various accepted tips, techniques, and tricks available for Christian based sex practice. Many couples are pleasantly surprised at the variety of available intimacy practices that are in line with Christian belief.

A great resource to obtain is a Christian intimacy manual which will outline not only accepted practice, but will provide many ideas for variety and sustaining a healthy, strong, and vivacious sex life.

Christian Sex – How, What and Which Direction is Up?2014.08.05. // Uncategorized

Christian sex should be concerned with three key questions: What, How, and Which direction is up?

What: What is Christian sex? How does it differentiate itself from other forms of sex relations?

The answer is that Christian sex is an incredibly rare, powerful form of sex which only those blessed with practicing and believing in Christianity can experience. Because of strong faith, commitment, and Christian core value and belief, sex takes on a powerful construct of strong life affirming bonding and celebration of one another, and of God.

How: How specifically is Christian intimacy practiced? What is considered sin?

The answer to specific sex questions must be dealt with by research within oneself, within the church, and through knowledgeable literature. After that has been dealt with, one should then pray.

Which direction is up: Speaking of prayer, please take a moment and say a prayer if you assumed this question was in reference to something other than what it was intended for. The up direction I refer to has nothing to do with Viagra, Yohimbe bark, horny goat toad weed, or any of the other remedy’s for “ED”, also known as erectile dysfunction, as in the inability to maintain an erection during or before the act of sexual intercourse.

Rather, what I refer to is, which direction will lead us to the Kingdom the safest and most efficient way and route possible? Sex can actually enhance our relationship with God, but only if done in the proper life affirming spiritual manner. A type of intimacy where both married couples are equally benefited and satisfied. A Christian intimacy where each find they’ve taken part in the celebration of their love for one another and their love for God. If sex is only one sided, then it damages not only the person who is not receiving celebration, but also the person who is receiving pleasure due to the fact that they have not fulfilled there sex unification bond of oneness.

Thus the direction up is the direction which has both Christian marriage couples engaging in mutually benefiting, powerful and pleasurable sex!

Christian Sex Advice – What is Allowable?2014.08.05. // Uncategorized

A very common question in regards to Christian sex advice, is: what is allowable? Are only certain positions allowable? Are sex toys allowable? Are only certain techniques allowable? Here is some very important Christian sex advice which will tell you exactly what is allowable and what is not!

First of all, what is allowable is essentially most anything that a Christian couple mutually agrees upon. That is really the key. There must be mutual agreement, and a sex technique or method cannot be forced or coerced onto another who is in disagreement with that particular form of intimacy.

What about sex toys?

This again generally falls under the above guidelines that if both individuals agree upon a certain sex toy, then they should allow it without fear of sin. There are some exceptions as described below.

So what is not allowable in sex?

What is not allowable within sex is bringing a third party into intimacy. Sex should be between the Christian couple only. Threesomes, foursomes or more, are not at all allowed. Now, in regards to a sex toy, the toy should not resemble or mimic that of a third party either.

Is there any other Christian sex advice we should know in regards to what is allowable and what is not?

There is the issue of pornography. This should also not be allowed within intimacy, especially as something used during or before sex. Pornography touches on issues of lust, and should not be included within Christian sex practice.

Other than that, Christian couples are free to explore and enjoy sexual intimacy to the fullest. You can greatly improve your sex life by reading a sex manual which specifically focuses on Christian intimacy. It will provide guidelines to follow, as well as unique, exciting, enjoyable, and erotic ways for you to become intimate with one another.

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Christian sex instruction is very important to learn, so you can enjoy a safe and healthy sex life. It can be broken down into three different areas, which can be easily learned and adapted for immediate Christian intimacy practice.

1. The Rules!

There are differing views on the rules of intimacy within a Christian relationship. It will ultimately come down to what you and your partner decide as the most sound rules according to the Bible.

But for starters, all you really need to know are two main areas regarding rules: Safety and mutual agreement. As a base, first make sure your intimacy is celebrated safely, and ensure there is mutual agreement on what is practiced. From there you can delve deeper into the more specifics of intimacy rules. A good Christian intimacy manual will provide the exact rules with direct Bible passage which you can cross reference.

2. Techniques: Positions and Pleasuring Tips!

The second aspect to Christian sex instruction has to do with the specifics: the different positions and the various pleasuring techniques you can perform. These will provide you with the exact technique to have the most pleasurable and exciting sex possible. From here you can try out various positions and discover your favorite pleasuring techniques.

3. Praying for Pleasure!

What makes Christian sex instruction unique is it’s emphasis on the importance of intimacy in a Christian relationship. Sex should be viewed as an incredibly wonderful and exciting gift from God, that should be practiced regularly! Include maintaining a strong, healthy, and fulfilling life of intimacy in your prayers.

Better Sex in a Christian Marriage – 5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Sex Lives!2014.08.05. // Uncategorized

A goal of every Christian married couple should be how to have better sex in a Christian marriage. Christians deserve exciting and pleasurable sex lives and should take action to achieve amazing intimacy. Here are 5 ways to take action!

1. Create time for intimacy. This doesn’t mean creating a set date and time every week for sex. Think bigger. Create a weekend getaway or even just an evening getaway. Simply going out for a nice dinner and checking into a nice local hotel for a night can be a great way to create time for intimacy. But it doesn’t always have to be a getaway, it can also just be a nice evening at home. Whatever the case make this a routine thing. Every month or two set aside an extra special time to become extra intimate with one another in a romantic setting.

2. New Positions. There are a slew of exciting and fun sex positions that are completely allowable for Christian intimacy. Many Christians are under the impression that only a few positions are allowable. But that’s not the case. Most positions are fine to perform as long as they are safe and you both are in agreement over them.

3. New Intimacy Techniques. Just like positions, there are exciting and pleasurable sex techniques available for Christians. Learning how to please one another should be of top priority when wishing to improve your sex lives. Find out what your partner likes and then learn new ways to make it very pleasurable. There are excellent Christian intimacy and sex manuals written specifically for Christians that will provide a slew of pleasurable techniques.

4. Oils and Lubricants. Many couples don’t realize that simply adding in erotic oils and lubricants can make a huge difference in sex. They greatly increase pleasure, while being very accessible and easy to use.

5. Christian Sex Book or Guide. As briefly mentioned already, you can gain a slew of knowledge by consulting a good Christian intimacy guide. You’ll learn specific techniques, what is allowed and what is not, as well as providing common questions regarding sex in a Christian marriage.

Sex and Christianity – How to Make it Work2014.08.05. // Uncategorized

There are important keys in making sex and Christianity work to the most intimate and religiously sound way possible. Here are some important steps to take to ensure Christian sex is experienced lovingly and intimately the way it should.

1. Communicate and helping one another. Sex in a Christian relationship should consist of strong communication between you and your partner. Acknowledge your likes and dislikes, while not falling into the trap of “feeling embarrassed”. Your Christian relationship should bring you close and intimate as a couple, and sexually you should be open to one another. Feel free to express your need for help or guidance when it comes to sexually related issues.

2. Learning the Rules. Don’t get overburdened by the rules in regards to Christian related sex. Many couples are pleasantly surprised to discover all that is allowable. Simply learn the rules, recognize the restrictions, and leave it at that. Generally the restrictions have to do with acts that involve potential harm, which Christian couples wouldn’t even consider anyway. A good Christian sex guide can dispel many of the myths regarding Christian restrictions and reveal to you allowable and sound Christian intimacy practices.

3. Enjoy, Celebrate, Become Excited. This is sometimes lacking in Christian intimacy and it absolutely should be the number one issue to focus on and make sure is present in your relationship. The act of sex is a beautiful gift from God and it should be enjoyed and celebrated as such. So get excited about Christian sexual intimacy! You can learn several tips and techniques which will supercharge Christian intimacy from a good Christian sex guide.

Christian Sex Toys?2014.08.05. // Uncategorized

There has been some confusion over whether Christian sex toys are healthy and sound for the Christian intimate relationship. They in fact can be a healthy addition to a Christian relationship, within reason. Here are some very important guidelines for Christian sex toy inclusion:

1. Safety. As always safety should be a number one concern regarding toys. The purpose is to add or compliment pleasure, not to inflict any unnecessary harm. This of course wouldn’t be the intention with the Christian couple, but it’s important to be sure a toy does not pose any noticeable accidental harm or danger to yourself or your Christian partner.

2. Avoid. There are some intimate toys to avoid. One such would be any sex toy resembling or mimicking that of another person, figure, or representing such. There are toys present which will resemble, say for instance, a popular celebrity figure. This is akin to bringing in a third party to your relationship, and naturally that is a major no-no that goes against Christian intimacy.

3. Imagination. Your choices for intimate toys can include a wide variety of lotions, lubes, erotic oils and fragrances, and even various erotic foods, syrups, frosting, or other sweet flavorings. Make or create your own safe and sound toy, such as a tickler pillow or erotic massage pleaser and teaser.

While certain limitations exist when including a toy into a relationship, with creative imagination there is a wide open arena of erotic and intimate toys to create, include, and intimately enjoy!